About Origami Club


Binghamton University’s Origami Club is a student group dedicated to teaching and enjoying the art of origami. During our Friday meetings we fold new creations, and people of all skill levels can find something to do from our extensive archives of folding diagrams.


To make things even more interesting, all of our subscribed members receive by a weekly challenge by email, and those who complete it win a prize of fresh never-before-used grade-A quality highly-coveted Japanese origami paper packs.


Our endeavors are not only recreational. Throughout the semester we dedicate some time to help out in our community by reaching out to local organizations such as the Discovery Center, and teach young ones the ways of paper folding.


We also plan student events that go beyond our members. Traditionally we hold a paper rose bouquet sale during Valentine’s week, and this year we plan on starting a university-wide crane folding competition for Origami Day.


If you are a Binghamton student and are looking to join a fun, friendly, and fantastic student group, and maybe even become a paper folding master, join us at 7:00 p.m. on Fridays @ UU103.