The Origami Club at Binghamton University



Welcome to Origami Club!

We are a student group at Binghamton University that folds paper into cool stuff!

During our meetings we learn a new diagram to fold together. Afterwards, you can free fold from our extensive collection of books and diagrams. Some days we will have extra cool meetings, where we fold money, plastic, or metallic paper.

If you’re signed up for our emails, you will receive a weekly challenge. If you complete the challenge and bring it to the next meeting, you can pick a set of super-awesome top notch quality origami paper! Yay!

This website has a full collection of this semester’s challenges. You can also fold challenges from previous semesters.

We meet every Friday, 7:00 p.m. @ University Union 103. UU103 is the classroom to your left if you enter University Union (the building with the Nelson Mandela Room) from the Bus Stop.

If you have any questions or inquires please feel free to contact us at

Come join us!

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